Tires, inner tubes and rims

Protempo carries a wide range of tires, inner tubes and rims. Thanks to our own assembly department we are able to create many different combinations, offering custom solutions with short lead times. We supply tires for industrial and agricultural machinery, lawn & garden equipment, internal transport machinery, electric trucks, trailers, caravans, quads, UTVs, hand trucks and wheelbarrows.
In short:
  • Fully assembled wheels for both motorised vehicles and slow traffic
  • Rims with adjoining hubs
  • Rims with hubs with ball bearings, roller bearings or slide bearings
  • Swivel and fixed-wheel castors with pneumatic tires, solid tires or PU tires
  • A wide range of tire treads
Some well-known brands in our range include: Kings Tire, Duro, Carlisle, Novio Tire, BKT, Nexen, Vredestein, Sobek, Linglong, GT, and Maxxis