Protempo carries aluminium ramps in various lengths, widths and tread sizes. They are available with various types of heads (such as G hooks or L lips). The ramp you need depends on the height of the trailer and the intended vehicle.
Our ramp range includes both straight and bent varieties, as well as convenient foldable versions. Whether you need a single ramp for a motor, scooter or wheelbarrow or a set of ramps for a lawnmower, quad bike or machine, our extensive range offers you plenty of options.

Decision aid

A number of items are important when it comes to finding the right ramp or ramp set.

In order to provide you with the right capacity, we take the following into account:
  • The length of the wheelbase (distance between the front and rear axle of the vehicle).
  • The weight of the vehicle to be transported.
In order to determine the right length, we recommend the following formula:
L = H / C x100
L = Length
H = Height
C = % graidiant

Note: The slope should not exceed 16.5o. This corresponds to a 30% gradient. 
We take into account a margin for the height of about 100mm.
  Length =  (H = 750 mm /  C = 30) X 100 = 2500 mm
  Length =  (H = 850 mm /  C = 30) X 100 = 2833 mm
  Length =  (H = 650 mm /  C = 30) X 100 = 2166 mm